Permanent Makeup Function and Safety

Permanent Makeup Function and Safety

In the world of beauty, permanent makeup has become a trend that is quite popular, especially women. In an age where someone needs perfection in appearance, there are still many people who do eyebrow embroidery and tattooing. In addition to eyebrow embroidery, there are still many ways that can be done to beautify a woman’s appearance.

Permanent make-up is one technique which is quite popular with many people. People using this method can still look beautiful even when they are sleeping or swimming. No need to bother anymore to spend time perfecting yourself with a long time that is the reason for most people who use this method.

There are so many choices of tattoo artists or make-up who open permanent makeup services. In addition to choosing, it is very important to see the conditions before and after someone uses his services. It needs to be made sure before using the tools that they have been sterilized beforehand. In order to keep the risk of getting an infection after manufacturing.

It is very important in this beauty treatment you have to choose a maker with a certificate that has been guaranteed in making permanent ornaments. Of course, you as a customer don’t want to feel disappointed or get handicapped after taking steps to beautify yourself. Surely no one wants to feel the damage caused by the basic techniques of making fake.

Permanent Makeup Function and Safety

How to Make Permanent Ornaments Done

In the teaching process using tools such as in making tattoos. The first step in making permanent make-up will use your limbs to be pierced with a needle so that you can add color. The key to freedom in this step is in sterile equipment, proper processing techniques and official approval from the medical body.

Before making permanent make-up, make sure your skin doesn’t have any reactions from allergies that might be caused by the ink. If you have chosen a color according to your taste, the makeup artist will begin to apply pain relief gel. The process for working with a pen to perform surgery. After finishing it takes approximately three weeks for exfoliation so that it can bring out the color perfectly.

When finished, make sure you don’t eat foods that cause itching. food as a major problem in making permanent makeup must be considered. Certainly not a little money in the making, therefore we recommend avoiding the main cause of itching foods.

In addition, you have to avoid scratching the parts that have been made of makeup. With the needle method that touches human skin, of course, wounds will occur. When the wound is rubbed with a sharp object, it may bleed again.

Allergic Reaction From Making Permanent Makeup

When you start to venture into permanent make-up, of course, there will be an allergic reaction that must be considered. In manufacturing must use clean tools and proper manufacturing methods. Therefore, if you as a reader who wants to make it also know about the risks that can occur? One possibility that often occurs is a rash on the skin. Of course it will be very itchy if it happens. If we haven’t immediately read our discussion this time!

  • Keloid Arises In The Scar
    Keloids occur when an incision is made to insert ink into the skin. We recommend avoiding permanent makeup if you have a family history if keloids are prone to scar tissue.
  • The occurrence of infection
    This point, it usually occurs due to the absence of sterility when making permanent make-up which eventually causes infection to occur. The cause of infection is the presence of bacteria or germs getting into the part that has been cut.

Maintain Permanent Makeup So As Not To Infection

Therefore, our advice for making permanent make-up is more expensive than the final risk if something goes wrong in the manufacturing process. Of course, there are many people with very cheap offers in their manufacture. However, when there is damage to your body can it be repaired again?

To get the ideal beauty, it’s a good idea to leave it directly to medical personnel with experience so that you get the results according to your thoughts. Of course, don’t be too easily tempted and believe in photos of the results of a make-up on social media. We can not know about where or who made it.

To get perfect results, you should take care of that part of the makeup. If there is a reaction from the side effects of the manufacture, it’s better to immediately take it for treatment so that it doesn’t get worse and spreads to all parts of the body. The key to the success of permanent makeup is the scanning workforce, the tools to use and the correct machining techniques.

This is the information we can provide to all readers, hopefully this article can be used as well as possible. Happy reading and warm greetings to all readers.

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