Benefits of ice cubes for skin beauty

In summer like now, ice cubes are not only useful for cooling drinks that can freshen the throat. Skin conditions that are also erratic due to weather can also benefit from ice cubes.

There are several benefits that you can get from an ice cube, what are the benefits? please refer to the article that we have summarized below

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Surely you have heard, that ice cubes can be used for beauty treatments? Yes! It is true. Rubbing ice cubes is a practical treatment to improve blood circulation on the face. Keep in mind, smooth blood circulation is the beginning of bright and glowing skin.

Facial ice is also not new in Indonesia. Many skin beauty clinics include facial ice in their treatment series, especially after the blackhead extraction process.

Other Benefits of Ice Cubes for Beauty
Tips for overcoming stubborn pimples with ice cubes
Not only fresh for consumption, but ice cubes also have other benefits for the skin.
Shrink pores

Do you have problems with your pores that appear wide? do routine facial treatment with ice cubes at home, after cleaning your face. This can be a natural way to slowly shrink pores.

Relieves inflamed pimples

Inflamed pimples are usually itchy and reddish. If this happens, apply an ice cube to the area of ​​your face that is pimpled. The cold feeling will reduce itching on the skin and heal inflammation. Apart from plain water, you can modify it into turmeric water ice cubes to be more specific in dealing with acne problems.

Refreshes eyes

Tired eyes will look droopy and swollen, and also have dark circles. You can overcome the accumulated problems by compressing the entire eye area with ice cubes for a few minutes. Guaranteed, your eyes will look fresh instantly!

those are some of the benefits that can be found in ice cubes. good luck and have a nice day

5 Tricks to Start a Healthy Life Early

Running healthy living tricks for some people is often thought to be quite troublesome, one of which is when one person runs a diet program.

Starting a diet then becomes a tough matter because you already assume what foods should not be consumed. Even though in fact, when it is seen to be better, diet may be a matter of fun and healthy living then it can be free of burden.

Although healthy living tricks are not something easy to do, healthy living has many uses, such as supporting you to control your body weight, gaining strength to preventing disease.

It is important to understand that the type of life of one person is controlled by daily activities such as work, food and rest time. If these factors are not a good concern, then the risk is your health can be disturbed.

Here are 5 healthy living tricks that you can try, one of which is:

A special healthy living trick is the consumption of good nutrition. So that the body can develop and grow and carry out its benefits to the maximum, it is therefore necessary to consume balanced nutrition. The cooking trick is then as much as possible does not cause damage to nutrients and fiber, so it still provides benefits for those who eat it.

If you have an unhealthy eating scheme, it seems that you need to record all the food consumed daily. This note is useful as a reminder so that you limit your consumption. You are asked to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables at least nine amounts in one day as part of a healthy living scheme.

So many drinks and foods are currently made by industry, where production is carried out in bulk, a long production process takes a long time to make up to the customer. This matter causes drinks and food to need preservatives. Start making use of natural food ingredients.

Other healthy living tricks that you can do are to quit smoking or drinking alcohol, especially if you are at risk or already suffering from diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease.

A healthy life that is often neglected by residents who live in big cities, namely sports. Exercise properly and at the right time can make blood circulation change smoothly, strengthen muscles and bones.

Evaluate your busy life every day whether it is dominated by the activity of just sitting in front of your PC or being active every day. Health professionals recommend doing exercise with an overall tempo of at least 150 minutes each week

Life’s heavy burdens, sometimes presenting depression. The physical signs caused are headache, stomachache, increased high blood pressure, chest pain and difficulty sleeping.

Managing depression can be done by taking time to relax, doing a hobby, yoga or meditation so that a culture of healthy living can be realized.

Another healthy living technique that is often neglected is giving thanks. Taking notes on things you need to be grateful for can make the soul calmer.

Gratitude that is rooted and occurs in life will create a calm memory and heart. Being spiritually healthy will also affect your physical health.

Adequate rest is the key to getting a healthy body and memory. Make sure you get enough sleep by practicing sleeping and waking up at the same time. Taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to music can be busy during sleep that supports the body for rest.

Well, these are healthy living tricks that you can do lightly. Have a try.

How to Start Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle should not be a trend that needs to be followed, but a self-awareness from the beginning to get a healthy body in between physically and mentally for a long period of time. If many people choose to change to apply a healthy lifestyle because they only see celebrities who look good with their healthy lifestyle, chances are we can increase that thought to be an option to love ourselves. It is not only just a follow-up if we are bored, because it is also the end of a healthy lifestyle that has been applied.
Through Unsplash In order to be more familiar with a healthy lifestyle and be trained to do it, it seems impossible if we can make it happen with just last night. Of course, you need to make an organized agenda that contains a series of simple things that you can try to apply from now on, like many of the things below:

  1. Trick to Provide Additional Vegetables and Fruits in Food Every day When we decide to live a healthy life, we generally concentrate more on reducing and avoiding foods that are considered to be detrimental to our health, such as junk food, meat, and carbohydrates. Even though in fact, there is something more important to do, namely to train yourself to increase the consumption of nutrients and vitamins the body needs through vegetables and fruits. So, to practice consuming vegetables and fruit, you can start by making smoothies or adding spinach to boiled eggs for breakfast.
    You don’t always have to follow smoothie recipes that you get on the internet, you can also combine vegetables and fruit that you like to be an essential ingredient of your favorite smoothie. You should also think about the snack menu, for example, such as peanuts and apples which are durable and easy to carry anywhere. You have to provide healthy snacks, so that when you suddenly feel hunger, you will have supplies. It doesn’t stop there, you need to provide additional lunch and dinner menus with vegetables and preparations that are easy to get from tempeh, spinach, cucumber, or tomatoes. Slowly but of course, the longer your body will be able to adjust and start craving fresh vegetables and fruits. consumption of food every day. You don’t need to rush so you can like vegetables and fruit. Because as in compassion, let the comfort of consuming vegetables and fruit grow by itself, either because they are trained or because they already know some of the benefits they contain.
  2. Do Yourself Read Brands on Product Packages If you have too little time to prepare or cook your own food, chances are you often buy processed food products that are easily available at the nearest convenience store. This is okay for you to do if you still maintain the healthy eating scheme that you have built and don’t consume processed foods often. If you really have to, make sure to read the food content listed on the processed food package that catches your eye. Make sure the food you choose doesn’t contain a lot of additives, for example: preservatives, dyes, flavorings, or other chemicals that can interfere with your health. Then, you need to be diligent in finding out about some of the other ingredients found in your food products to understand the benefits and effects that will be obtained if you consume them. This initial awareness is important for you to do so that you don’t fall into the consumption of foods that can damage your health in a long period of time.
  3. Doing good deeds to yourself by taking care of mental health. Of course, it is not only physical health that we need to maintain, but mental health, which is closely related to inner enjoyment and mental peace, needs to be prioritized. Because, health in a psychological way is as important as physical health which can make your body feel calmer, easier, and have the enthusiasm for whatever activities you want.

Through Unsplash the healthy eating scheme can be done cheaply and easily, and you can find healthy food at the warteg! How come? Here’s the explanation!

  1. Choose Fresh Vegetable Soup as an Important Side dish The high fiber contained in vegetables is definitely good for your digestive health, for example: soup, spinach, and tamarind vegetables that have vitamins, iron, and minerals that can support your lifestyle. your healthy. In addition, these clear vegetables can help make bowel movements smooth.
  1. Eating Fish as an Alternative to Meat Susi Pudjiastuti as our Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries often recommends that we often consume fish. Not only rich in protein, fish has many benefits, such as improving brain and bone development, preventing heart disease, and reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s and stress. You can choose fried fish or fish in your favorite soup as an alternative to meat. But if you want to cook it yourself at home, choose the grilled fish menu, because it doesn’t require a lot of oil when processing it.
  2. Simply Drinking Warm Fresh Tea or Mineral Water Not only cheap, the 2 types of drinks without sugar such as hot tea and mineral water actually have benefits that are really good for the body, you know. Warm fresh tea has a role to normalize blood sugar content, healthy the heart, equalize emotions and relax the body, and reduce the effects of colds and colds. Likewise with mineral water which has benefits, such as avoiding the body from kidney stone disease, reducing fatigue, improving digestion, removing toxins, and maintaining body weight. Good news for you who want to live economically, right?
  3. Bored with Fresh Drinks, You Can Change to Fruit Juice Without Sugar Like vegetables, fruit has a high fiber content and nutrients the body needs. Well, you can order one glass of fresh fruit juice without sugar, so it is an alternative to fresh drinks. You can also mix several kinds of fruit with fresh vegetables if you want to make your own at home.

Through Unsplash Not only healthy, the balanced life scheme must also be seen by avoiding many of the things below:

  1. So Busy Yourself Choosing Healthy Food Healthy living doesn’t mean you have to spend time cooking your own food during your busy time. You also don’t have to keep paying attention to the food content listed on food product brands, so spend a lot of your time just looking for it every day. Because maintaining a healthy life scheme must also be accompanied by feelings of liking and at most away from the effects of depression which will only burden your mind. Everything requires a process. Take every step to arrive at a healthy living scheme periodically until it becomes routine, so that whatever you do feels natural and without any pressure.
  2. Obsessed with Sports Obsessed with a healthy lifestyle may often make us feel we have to exercise every day, so we think about continuing to exercise and underestimate fatigue. The body needs to be exercised, but we must also understand how strong our bodies can endure this physical activity. Sometimes you can also change your morning run to a walk with your pet for example. Or, train more to walk and climb stairs when you don’t have time to exercise.
  3. Feeling Guilty when Eating One thing There is nothing wrong if sometimes you want to eat the food you want. Don’t make yourself feel guilty for consuming something that you think is bad for your health. If not often, foods that are considered unhealthy can make you feel pleasure.

A healthy lifestyle will happen automatically if you regularly implement it into your activities every day. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to leave your old activities which are actually useful for maintaining a balance of your mental and physical health. However, you need to separate which activities are actually useful and arrange some things that are not good. Because, self-pleasure we need to have in order to create a balanced life scheme in a long period of time.